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Gift Giving is always in season!
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Bulbs of Fire smoked garlic jelly small batch preserve for sale

Bulbs of Fire Smoked Garlic Jelly (106ml)

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Smoked Garlic Jelly is our most garlicky product to date, with chunks of smoked AND fresh garlic. It’s truly amazing on a baked brie, along-side BBQ’d meat or in a stir fry.

Traditionally garlic is cold smoked in braids with unpeeled bulbs. The French have been doing this for centuries to extend garlics storage qualities, although the smoke flavour always had a hard time penetrating the wrappers. Bulbs of Fire smokes garlic bulbs that have been cut open or peeled. The smoke flavour is very pronounced and pairs beautifully with the pungency of garlic. 

This rustic jelly pairs beautifully with cheese and meats. Try a jar on your next cheese or charcuterie board and discover the complex, smokey, sweet flavour of Bulbs of Fires Smoked Garlic Jelly. (106 ml)

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