About Bulbs of Fire

Hello, we are the Nagels, Bart, Simone, Lynn and Luke. 

Our farm is located in Tiny Township Ontario near the shores of Georgian Bay.  We operate a sustainable farm where we do not use chemical pesticide, herbicides or fertilizer.

We immigrated to Canada from Holland in 2006.  Our initial thoughts were that we would be settling near the city of Woodstock, but instead, drawn by the beauty of Georgian Bay and more affordable land prices, we settled on a plot just outside of Penetanguishene.  

We were looking for  a simpler life where we could feel connected to the land and to the seasons.We planned out a large vegetable garden to produce enough food to feed our family.  A small area of this garden was reserved for garlic.  Bart is quite passionate about garlic, and so did a lot of research to ensure the chosen varieties for his tiny plot would be just perfect for him.  

Over time, people started to get a sense of Bart's in-depth knowledge of garlic and started to ask questions. They were keen to learn and taste the difference between the varieties.  This lead to a demand for  Bart's personal garlic stock as people wanted to purchase it and take it home with them.  Soon we had to expand our garden area to accommodate more garlic.

The rest, as they say, is history, and a garlic business was formed.   We call our company Bulbs of Fire after Bart's love for the varieties with a bold spicy heat. 

The business took it's first big step 2011 when we decided to plant a few thousand cloves just to see how big the market really could be.  We quickly found out that we grossly underestimated. We now plant over 35 varieties. 

We introduced smoked and blackened garlic and a line of premium garlic preserves a couple of years ago.  Our preserves now have shelf space in over 40 fine food stores.  You can find these retailers listed on our website bulbsoffire.com

"We love the farm life as it provides us so much joy from the simple things. From pulling a beautiful full bulb of fresh garlic, to seeing a mother hen caring for her new born chicks, to the joy our kids Lynn and Luke experience when feeding chickens, or just the knowledge of preparing and eating a meal purely made from stuff grown and harvested right here. Simple but special.
Thanks so much for your interest in us and our garlic.   We are so happy that our love of the land and growing things has resulted in this beautiful business.  More garlic please!"

Bart Simone Lynn and Luke Nagel