Product Reviews

July 2018
Fantastic products that our whole family love! Thank you for you educated advice on your products and great service. We love Bulbs Of Fire Garlic and would recommend them to everyone!
Mike and Caroline
April 2018months ago
This garlic spread will knock your socks off. I bought a box set and my family gobbled it up with cheese and crackers. I made a special trip to One of a Kind show the next day specifically to get more. The owner is friendly and personable. It feels great to buy from an artisan who obviously loves his craft.
April 2018
100% Best garlic around! Absolutely amazing products, so delicious. We bought from Bulbs of Fire at the One of A Kind Show and I wish we had bought more because all the jellies were eaten the same day. Can't wait to buy more!

Donna N.  December 2017

Oh my! Delicious ..... scrumptious ....... and amazingly friendly service!! If you haven't tried it yet ...... you really should!"

 Kelly D.  December 2017

"Great products at great prices! Garlic everything!"

 Lorrie D December 2017

"Great people with awesome products. You won’t be disappointed."

Susana P.   October 2017

"I just tried the black garlic jam and was blown away!!! I spread it on old cheddar on crackers. It was so delicious. All the pungent flavour of raw garlic is not present, only a delicious sweet and savoury flavour that can only be described as heavenly!!! I am looking forward to trying all of your products!!!" 

 Jane A.  October 2017

"I used the black garlic jam on my charcuterie board Sunday!  It was amazing!!!  It was awesome with the sharp goat cheddar"

"some of the best garlic products I've experienced. Try them for yourselves"  Don L.    April 2017

"Amazing local,loved garlic and garlic products! Thanks" Janet O. T.    December 2016

"5 stars"  Glenda M.   July 2016

"5 stars"  Allen H.   April 2016